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Trang and Ari | La Mar Hamilton Island - Whitehaven Beach


Oh, what a day this was!!! And what an amazing couple to have shared it with.

The crew and skipper on LaMar, along with Stacey from Weddings of The Whitsundays did everything they could to ensure this wedding went ahead.

When you get a freak weather system take out what should have been a sunny winter's day... you want to have the right frame of mind! And that is exactly what Ari and Trang had.

With this attitude to life, these two will make many incredible memories and have many adventures together... I am sure of it!

Wishing you a lifetime of love, laughter and SUNSHINE Ari and Trang!

Congratulations and enjoy this sneak peek.

Brooke xox


Photography: Brooke Miles Photography - Brooke

Celebrant: Donna Fornasiero

Wedding Planner: Weddings of the Whitsundays

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