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Orange and Stan at their home away from home ... Bowen Whitsundays!

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

This love story is one of my favs to date. Orange and Stan had been travelling Australia, both on seperate travels, when they met in Bowen, North Queensland last June. They fell madly in love, and after living together for 3 months in a locals home on Tolllington Rd they embarked on the rest of their travels, this time together.

They picked fruit and packed vegetables in all the backpacker hotspots on the east coast of Australia, to return to Bowen in their last weeks to hang out, at home...their favourite place out of all the places they had been!

The photo shoot was a mix of fun and quirky poses and places (Woolworths and the chip shop!) as well as some perfect intimate romantic beach photos at Horeshoe Bay, one of Bowens famous beaches.

I had a great day, hopefully they come back and stay again :) B X


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