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Christina and Darren Renew Their Vows

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

This was such a beautiful story. Christina and Darren were married 10 years ago in a Macedonian church, the "BIG' wedding was one thing, but the fact that Darren had no idea what the minister was saying during the whole ceremony is another! Darren told me he had to ask Christina 'what did he say?' when she responded with 'you may kiss the bride' !!

Well here you are 10 years later, with two beautiful boys and a life of love and friendship together.

Taking a cruise up the east coast of Australia to renew your vows on Whitehaven Beach really was the perfect way to say your vows again. This time you could understand!

Thank you for allowing me to capture these moments for you.

Brooke x

The 'team', with which we would be lost!:

Wedding Planner: The Wedding Planners Whitsundays Ceremony: Whitehaven Beach

Bouquet: Flower Hut

Hair and Makeup: Herself

Celebrant: Jan Harvey

Accommodation: Cruise Ship!


A beautiful day flying over to Whitehaven Beach. Could not have asked for better weather!

The boys welcoming their ladies!

Yes it's bright!

Is that a secret handshake?

Can you see the big turtle in the back right!

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