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Vanessa + Chris and Their Last Minute Move To The Gold Coast!

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

What can I say about this couple, I LOVE YOU!

I still haven't met you but I feel so close to your wedding day.

When a Category 4 Tropical Cyclone 'Debbie' threw everything sideways, you kept your spirits high and your positivity radiated through the phone. You even offered to help "clean up" the cyclone damage in the lead up to your big day! How amazing.

Then you were thrown a curve ball, as the power still hadn't come on and your venue had been damaged, so... off to the Gold Coast you go! Stopping family at the airport (from the UK) and transporting them to your new venue, where there was a little less cyclone going on!

Corrine from Sweet Spot Images was recommended to me by a fellow photographer, and was a star to drop everything that weekend and take on my clients.

These images are gorgeous Corrine, thank you so much for capturing all the 'moments' that make up a wedding day.

Congratulations Vanessa and Chris :) x B


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