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Erin + Shane's last minute move to Mackay!

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

I was so lucky to have such fantastic couples during our 'testing' time that was Tropical Cyclone Debbie!

Erin and Shane also had to relocate their wedding, and chose closer to home in Mackay, Queensland.

This time we were able to still be the photographers!! ( Ella and I )

Without a hint of distress, both Erin and Shane, along with their whole wedding party carried out a beautiful ceremony and wedding party to follow. The love and happiness that was evident throughout this day really showed how special these guys and gals are.

Special mention to the Celebrant also, Jan Harvey, who that morning broke her knee, yet grabbed some crutches, discharged herself from emergency and still managed to officiate the ceremony. What a trooper :) Nothing was going to get in the way of Jan and this, or any, wedding!

Congratulations and the greatest of happiness to you both.

B x


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