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Libby + Robbie

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

I am so pleased to be able to post such fun, happy and beautiful memories for Libby and Robbie. As this wedding was a little different to others, in that Robbie was so sick he was actually taken to hospital and spent his wedding night laid up there on a drip, and not celebrating with his loved ones like he'd planned.

Libby was an absolute star and her smile kept shining throughout the early part of the evening, before jumping in the car and heading off to the hospital with her new husband.

I checked in with them the day after and Robbie was doing ok, they were laughing it off and already planning a '1st Year Anniversary Reception'! Great attitude to a tough situation!

I hope these photos ignite some joy and happiness, bringing back the memories of what was, truly a beautiful day.

Congratulations Libby and Robbie :) x B

Supplier File:

Reception: Boathaven Beach

Ceremony: Peppers

Celebrant: Donna Fornasiero

Entertainment: LA Entertainment

Wedding Theme: Modern Romantic Beach Wedding


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