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Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Well here I am, I thought It would never happen but I’m blogging! I hope that this blog can bring me to you, my travels, my winnings, my losses, my business and my learnings!

With all my travels over the last 11 years, around Australia and the world (although still so much more to see!) I have been lucky enough to shoot some beautiful places and some beautiful people.

One of my favourite shoots actually just won Silver at the APPA’s (Australian Professional Photography Awards for those who don’t know the acronym!). This spaghetti shot of Hudson was truly priceless. There is a whole series but you are only allowed to enter one subject/ one background per series. Totally stoked it won me a Silver! Last year I did get a Bronze print award in the Wedding Category, so that must mean next year is Gold huh!!? Lets see!

Also, some of you will know that I have just moved to Airlie Beach, it’s so beautiful here. Don’t get me wrong Perth and WA is still home, and still one of the most beautiful places in the world, but for now Airlie Beach will be home too! I plan to shoot a lot more creative work here then I have been so I’m really looking forward to it. Going to get my Underwater on too!! Stay tuned as I’ll be posting some more underwater shoots in the next month or so.

Ok that will do it for now, I’ll return every now and then to post albums, shoots, ideas and stories.

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